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On Friday, Bella and I were driving and she burped REALLY loud… like it could have passed for being one of my awesome burps… anyhow, after she burped… I looked in my mirror at her in the back seat and she looked at me, smiled and said “SORRY MOMMY!”… It was priceless!  I said “Bella, you don’t have to apologize for burping, just say excuse me” and she said “excuse me” in the sweetest voice ever!! Ahhh, I love my kid! 🙂


Today was an over due day full of organizationess!   Bella’s play room was getting completely insane with the amount of toys so I finally took the big toys and posted them on craigslist.  I sold 2 items today to a dad who brought his little girl and had her pick the items that I had out in the living room.  It was super cute and she ended up playing with 2 of the biggest toys Bella had in her play room so that made a little more room!   YAY! 🙂 My mom gave me the idea of donating some toys and clothes to some of the people that lost their homes in Auburn… so I also put some stuff to the side for them… and lots of stuffed animals that Bella does not need!  This child is beyond spoiled so I am more than happy to give stuff away!  And Christmas is around the corner… that means… MORE crap! AHH!

So after I went through her play room, I decided to go through her bedroom since it looks like my dryer threw up twenty times to the 4th power.   I took all the empty diaper boxes I had stacked up in the garage and started folding clothes by sizes into each box!  I didn’t quite finish but I will get there!   I am really proud of myself because this is a project that I have been putting off for months… hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow! =)

That’s all for now! ❤


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  • littleelle: you're so gorgeous! what a perfect little belly. and the train idea for a nursery is SO cute. i can't wait to see pictures!
  • Kristi Maristi: That's how I feel with Milo. He is such my buddy, and i know we haven't even entered the truly fun stage yet. I Love when you blog Linds. You absolute
  • Kristi Maristi: I Love the train idea Linds. I think the Rickster will love it. Yes, I totally just called your pop's the Rickster. Love you. Miss you. Are you still