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I woke up this morning feeling like I was in the Wizard of Oz… with all the gusts of wind!  It was crazy!  I loved seeing Bella’s reaction on her face when she went in her play room & looked out the window!!!  I taught her the song, “rain, rain… go away” and she sang it pretty much the entire afternoon!  It was super cute, and yes… I got video!

Kari came over with the boys and we hung out inside so we could some what enjoy our day, despite the nasty weather.  Bella & Lucas did their usual love-hate relationship but I think they had a fun time.  We ate grapes, made lunch and chatted.  I also took a few pictures of Brody since he is 6 weeks now!  He is growing up too quick and I love that I get to see him at least once a week.  I didn’t get to watch Lucas grow like that because I was on bed rest, hella pregnant and then I had Bella so I was a super busy, new mommy! 🙂  Anywaaay… it was a good time!

After Kari left, I attempted to lay Bella down for a nap but she wasn’t having it… she just laid in bed, looked at books & sang “rain, rain.. go away”.  It was pretty cute to say the least!  So, after about an hour of her just chillin, in hopes that she would fall asleep… I got her up, let her have a snack & we painted our toes!  Well, I painted our toes! lol.  She thinks it is the best thing ever which totally makes my day!  She loves to be “twins” with mommy so I did both of our toes hot pink with white polka dots on our big toes only.  Super cuuuute!  When James got home she said “look daddy, mommy did them”.  Ahhh, I love being able to understand her words so much more clearer now.  It makes us have fun conversations, kinda!

So, throughout the day, she was telling me her “mouf herts”… but, to be honest, I didn’t really pay much attention to her saying it because she is such a drama queen with everything.  Now I feel horrible because I finally looked tonight before I put her to bed and all be damned… her mollars are finally cutting through!  My poor little baby!!!  I feel so bad ignoring her… she kept saying her mouth hurts and I should have looked sooner!  So, with a little bit of motrin and those good ol’ hylands teething tablets… I was able to get her to bed and asleep within 5 minutes!  She is such a good girl!  ❤  Wow… now my hand is cramping so, that is all… I will end with a few pictures of the day.



So, my biggest fear with being a stay at home mom was the fact that Bella would not know how to interact with kids when she goes to preschool.  I told myself that I have to do playdates at least once a week so she can learn to play and share with kids her age.  Well, this has been a success since the start of summer!  One of my really good friends has a son a couple months older than Bella, and she also has the luxary of staying at home with him.  So, we were meeting up at least once or twice a week to let the kids play.   This has been great!  Now, we have an official “play group” we meet with every Thursday at a awesome toddler park in Roseville.  I went to high school with a lot of the girls and they all have kids around Bella’s age.  The ages vary from 1 month to 3 years.  There is about 5 or 6 of us moms and about 8 or 9 kids.  It is so much fun and this is honestly the highlight of our week.  Bella gets to play with her friends & I get to chat it up with some great girls about what our kids are doing, what we have been up to, etc. 🙂 

This week, Big Spoon is doing story time and giving kids free frozen yogurt.  So, after our park play date, we will be headed to Big Spoon.  I am really excited about that because Bella loves fro yo & books.  And… it is FREE!  Hollar! 

I am really hoping our play group can expand and more mommies will join!  The more, the merrier of course! And when the weather starts getting yucky… we talked about doing a free music class for the kids that the library offers.   =) 

So exciting to be a stay at home mommy with my little girl. 

My new photography business is really starting to BOOM! 🙂  I did a preschool photoshoot at the beginning of October and they turned out awesome… I am really excited on how the finished product turned out & I hope the parents like the pictures!  I also did a boudoir photoshoot for my sister’s best friend and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the way they turned out.  I can’t wait to see what she does with the pictures for her soon to be husband.  Next week I will be doing my first shoot of engagement pictures… I am a little nervous since I have never done any before but I am sure it will be nothin!  I have a baby shower coming up that I will be taking pics at, as well as family pictures the first two weekends of November.  This is a big deal since all I have been doing is family & friends mainly.  I cannot wait to get the upstairs bedroom set up as a studio so I can bring people into my home and do more things with the camera.  I must say, natural lighting pictures are my ultimate favorite thing to do but the last few sessions I have done indoors have turned out great!!!  Yaaaaaay! 

So, with that said… to all my blogger readers… if you know of anyone trying to get rid of their camera, or any photography props that I could use, please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated!   I can’t wait to get the ball rollllinnnn and make some good money doing what I absolutely LOVE!!!! 

I am finally back to blogging… it has been a whole month since my last blog!  I don’t know why but I just hadn’t had the urge to post anything, and nothing seemed interesting, honestly.  But, I had a fabulous weekend so what a way to break the ice again! 🙂

So… Friday, we went to the club house to celebrate a birthday.  Bella had a great time.  She kept wanting to go on stage and just dance, she dances really well for only being two!  I can’t wait until I can afford to put her in to some kind of dance class!  It would be something fun for her to do & I think she would really enjoy it. 

On Saturday afternoon, we went over to John & Tiffany’s house for a bbq.  The food was fabulous.  We had a great time just laying around, snacking on munchies, talking, watching TV… and playing with the kids.  The guys had somewhere to go at 6 so we stayed home with the kids, painted toes & made cookies!  And then when the guys came back… we just hung out and drank some beer!  It was just a full day of good times & I enjoyed myself the entire time!  I took some head shot pictures of her kids because she wants to frame them for the living room.  So, I brought my black sheet, threw it over the closet door, opened the front door for some natural lighting and shot some pics! And I must say, they turned out great!  I emailed them to her today & she sent them to walgreens to be printed… she just said they turned out “beautifully”.  What a great feeling to hear & I can’t wait to see them on her wall!!  🙂 I love my job!  It is such a rewarding thing to do!

On Sunday… James woke up feeling super sick 😦  Body aches, fever, cold chills, cough, the works!  Poor guy!  I went to the store and got him some soup, gatorade, medicine, and Amber gave us some of her cough medicine so he could get some sleep!   Bella was invited to our friend Ashley’s daughter’s birthday party.  So, after I took care of James, I took Bella to the bday party & met up with Kari, Jess & the kids.  It was at a park & I was thoroughly impressed with the entire park.  It was so nice!  It had a cover, tarp thing over the park so none of the slides were too hot from the sun beating down on them, and if it rained… kids could still play.  Isn’t that awesome?  So, the birthday party was fun.  The theme was carnival so there was a bounce house, popcorn machine & a cotton candy maker.  The kids thought that was the greatest.  Bella loved the cotton candy and being able to play with her best buddy Lucas!  After the birthday party, we came home to check on James & then headed to Ambers for a few.  Bella loves playing with Kailee, Leia & of course, Mojo JoJo, their puppy!  I love my best friend and I am honestly so lucky to have her in my life.  


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