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4 months until… THREE YEARS OLD!

Posted on: February 28, 2010

Yeah, that’s pretty freaking crazy to even think about… my child is almost three!  That is just mind boggling to even think she isn’t a baby anymore… even though I will ALWAYS call her my baby! haha… yep, I’m one of THOSE moms!!  I have to admit, even though this age is tough… I absolutely LOVE knowing exactly what she wants, at all times…. no more mumbling things, pretending she knows what she is saying… it’s legit, she KNOWS what she is saying!    We have soo many special moments we share together since we are with eachother all day, every day!  But, my most FAVORITE part of the entire day is when we wake up and she spends the first hour of our morning, snuggling me!   And sometimes, I can get her to fall back asleep!  This kid LOOOOVES sleep… she is SO my child!   We go about our day with hardly any routine, if we wake up late… she doesn’t get a nap and goes to bed early… if she wakes up early, she takes a 2-3 hour nap & then hangs out with us until we decide it’s time for bed.    And, please feel free to judge because I don’t care 🙂  

I am SO excited that spring is almost here, finally!  Bella’s new favorite thing to do is hunt for lady bugs… and let me tell ya, the girl is GOOD!  She can spot one in seconds!  Her bug catcher is full of probably about 30-40 lady bugs… no joke.  And call me a murderer but, I’ve tried to set them free at night… I put the little bug house outside & open their cage… and then go check on them in the morning and they are still there!!  I’m like… HELLOOO… LEAVE WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!  It’s probably because I have made their house so cool with little dandelions & roses… they are in heaven, and they are beating the rain!  Haha.  So tomorrow, I will probably let some free since it’s suppose to be a nice day, Bella won’t have a clue! haha 🙂

Anyway… I am going to wrap it up with some of my favorite things that Bella does or says! 

*Singing… oh my, the kid has some vocals!  She knows just about every nursery rhyme & lullaby you can think of.  I swear, I teach her it once & she just remembers it… and even if she doesn’t know the words… she sure has the tune right!  My FAVORITE is twinkle twinkle! 🙂

*When I give her any kind of goody… fruit snacks, capri sun,grapes etc… she always let’s me have the first bite or drink!  Isn’t that awesome?  My kid totally shares with no hesitation!  Yeah, I’m proud!

*She has NO PROBLEM sharing toys!  In fact, kids punk her for toys & she just lets them have them!  I don’t want to teach her to be mean and take them back but, maybe I should teach her to tell them “I am playing with that right now”.  I feel awful when I see her playing with something & someone takes it away & she just moves on to the next toy!   Crazy because this is a kid that hasn’t been in child care for the past year… that would be another pat on my back if you didn’t catch on! 😉

*When she is struggling with something, in example: putting a puzzle together or trying to get her bike out of the play room but, having issues with getting it through those darn doors… I will ask her if she wants me to help her and she replies with “no, I do it myself!” Miss. Independent!

*Bella has NEVER had a issue being in the car seat… which, I absolutely love!  We can be out & about all day and when it’s time to get back in the car, she climbs right in & let’s me buckle her up without an issue!  Sometimes she even falls asleep! Maybe it’s the cool “Little People” cd I play on repeat!! Yeah, annoying but… I love hearing her sing, remember? 😉

*She LOVES her picture taken!  This is a HUGE deal because let’s face it, how many kids her age like to have pictures taken of them every day of their life?  I’ve cut back quite a bit & don’t neccessarily take a picture every day but when I do whip out the camera… she has no problem saying “cheese mama”

*Her manners are just AMAZING… please, thank you, sorry, no thank you, bless you… yeah, just pure awesomeness!  But, her newest thing is telling me she is sorry when I say “owe”… I always have to tell her that she doesn’t have to say sorry if she didn’t do anything wrong.  I don’t think she quite understands that part yet.

*I looooooove how she snuggles her daddy every evening before bed.  He lays on the couch while we watch our dvr’d shows & she gets on top of him & lays her head on his chest… and he proceeds to rub her back which in fact, makes her extremely spoiled and expects her back rubbed everytime she lays with me now too!  Negatory! 😉

*She chooses water over juice!!  What child doesn’t want some ice cold apple juice in the mornings?  That is, if they refuse to drink milk like my kid… yeah… well Bella would rather have WATER!  What? I know!  But, it makes this mama very happy…

*Out of nowhere… she will come visit me in the living room from being in her play room, and come give me a kiss & tell me she loves me!  Sometimes I will even get an eskimo or butterfly kiss also! 🙂 So sweet!  It just melts my mama heart like nothing else!!!

And I suppose I could go on all day about how rad in fact my BABY is… but, I won’t.  🙂 I will end this post with  a few pictures of my BABY!  Love to all!


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ok- that last picture is literally the sweetest thing ever & you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in it! Like, you are radiating happiness. It makes me smile.

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  • littleelle: you're so gorgeous! what a perfect little belly. and the train idea for a nursery is SO cute. i can't wait to see pictures!
  • Kristi Maristi: That's how I feel with Milo. He is such my buddy, and i know we haven't even entered the truly fun stage yet. I Love when you blog Linds. You absolute
  • Kristi Maristi: I Love the train idea Linds. I think the Rickster will love it. Yes, I totally just called your pop's the Rickster. Love you. Miss you. Are you still


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