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Vocab of Bella

Posted on: April 28, 2010

So, I pretty much think my kid rocks at the whole “talking” thing… everyone once in awhile she will stutter when she gets super excited and just can’t put all her words together fast enough but, for the most part… I understand everything she says!

Lately, I’ve been writing down certain words she says that are just freaking hilarious! So, I will share a few of those with you!

Oak Milk = Oat Meal

Baby Soup = Bathing Suit

See Booty = Sleeping Beauty

Sho Munch = So Much (I loooove when she says this because it’s usually when she says “I love you mommy” and I say “I love you too” and she says… “sho munch” Ahh… just melts my mommy heart!

Lalabar = Granola Bar

Hungrin = Hungry

Flop Flops = Flip Flops 🙂

Grrr = Girl (Anytime she says our puppy is being a good girl… it usually sounds like “Lexi’s a good grrr”)

These are just some of my favorites! 🙂  And the funniest part is, if we correct her and tell her the correct way to say these words, she will copy us and say it exactly how it’s suppose to be said… and then she will just revert back to her old way of saying it!  Ahhh, I love my girl


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  • littleelle: you're so gorgeous! what a perfect little belly. and the train idea for a nursery is SO cute. i can't wait to see pictures!
  • Kristi Maristi: That's how I feel with Milo. He is such my buddy, and i know we haven't even entered the truly fun stage yet. I Love when you blog Linds. You absolute
  • Kristi Maristi: I Love the train idea Linds. I think the Rickster will love it. Yes, I totally just called your pop's the Rickster. Love you. Miss you. Are you still


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