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Weekend events!

Posted on: April 28, 2010

This weekend was awesome!  Saturday we celebrated Bella’s best friend Lucas’ 3rd Birthday!  They are only about 9 weeks apart and they are literally the best of friends!  Lucas calls her “Lella”, how cute is that??  They see eachother every Thursday and every Weds night I always tell Bella who she is seeing when she wakes up the next day and she gets sooo excited!   So, we went to a really big park out in Rocklin that we had never been to.  There were sooo many kids there and it was so hard to keep track of where Bella was at all times but, I tried to not be so protective and just watch her as she went down the slides & such.  She did so well by herself 🙂 I was proud!  She really liked Lucas’ new bike so I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade the trike for a big girl bike for her birthday!! 

On Sunday, we washed my car, she wore her bikini, played in the sprinklers, played with the bubble maker, wrote on the drive way with chalk, ate popsicles & just relaxed with a big blanket in the grass!  It was soo relaxing and I loved every minute of it! 🙂


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  • littleelle: you're so gorgeous! what a perfect little belly. and the train idea for a nursery is SO cute. i can't wait to see pictures!
  • Kristi Maristi: That's how I feel with Milo. He is such my buddy, and i know we haven't even entered the truly fun stage yet. I Love when you blog Linds. You absolute
  • Kristi Maristi: I Love the train idea Linds. I think the Rickster will love it. Yes, I totally just called your pop's the Rickster. Love you. Miss you. Are you still


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