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So, first let me start by saying that Bella is not fully potty trained! Don’t judge!  Sunday morning when Bella woke up, James changed her because she was completely soaked through her clothes… which was weird because she usually wakes up hardly wet or sometimes completely dry!  Well, we left about an hour after that and were gone the entire day.  All day she did not go potty!  We got to my parents house around 4 and I asked her if she wanted to go potty & she said yes, I took her and then she refused to go once she sat on the toilet, which was weird because she ALWAYS goes at least a little when she sits on the potty.   Soo… we stayed at my parents til about 8pm & she still had not went!!  Started really freaking me out because she is my water baby, she drank water all day long!!  Well, she woke up Monday morning, DRY!!  So I called my mom immediately and asked her what the hell I am suppose to do, cause you know.. mom’s have all the answers! 🙂  She asked to talk to Bella & convinced her to sit on the potty for her & she finally went!!  I had to give her a few M&M’s for it but, I did not care.. I was willing to give her anything to pee!  But, her pee was super dark colored!  My mom said it could be because she held it so long but I still thought it was weird with as much water as she had been drinking.  So, 2:30pm rolls around and she hadn’t went since she talked to my mom… we were at my doctor’s appointment & she said she had to go potty so we ran to the bathroom & she sat on the potty and she started screaming bloody murder, like she was in the worst pain EVER!  It was horrible.  So, I went back into the room & told my doc what happened cause he & everyone else heard her scream.  He started freaking me out talking about it could be kidney infection from her holding it so long, ahhhhhhhhh…. just what I wanna hear! So, of course by the time we get home, it’s almost 4pm & her doc office won’t accept calls past 4pm so, what other option do we have since we can not wait!?  EMERGENCY ROOM!!!

Luckily, the emergency room that we take her to is only about 5 mins away so it’s super convienent but who wants to sit & wait for hours with an almost 3 year old? Ya, not ME! 😦 But, we did it!  We went in at about 5pm, got called at about 6 & they took her temp n weight, all that good stuff!  She is 30lbs even. I can’t believe she is finally 30lbs, seems like she was at 28lbs for forever & this kid eats like a bird!   They gave me a cup like I was really going to be able to catch her pee in that tiny cup so I asked for a bowl for the toilet!  I took her in the bathroom, begged her, and bribed her with everything you can imagine to just potty in that bowl so they would not have to be mean to her like they were the last time she was at the E.R with a UTI!  Well… she flat out refused!   This instantly brought me to tears!  I knew exactly what that meant… time for a catheter! 

This is the worst part!!!!  The nurse that was SUPER sweet was trying to tell Bella what they were going to do and Bella was like “no, I don’t want you to do that”…. and we finally had to force her down on the bed to lay on her back, and 5 people, including me had to hold her down.  I have never seen Bella so upset in my life.  Her face was purple, she was shaking, she was pinching me, kicking her legs, screaming to the top of her lungs…. god it was just awful!!  It brought both the nurse & I to tears to see her like that.  No child should ever have to go through that.  And the worst part was she remembered them doing it to her the last time & kept telling me she didn’t want them to touch her butt 😦  I felt so bad!  I didn’t want them to but I knew it was the only way she would get better!! 

After it was over, the nurse brought her 2 cookies, juice, a popsicle and a teddy bear.  And she just laid in my arms & cried… I cried with her.  It broke my heart!!  Finally she started to mellow out & asked if I would open her popsicle, which made me happy 🙂 and she did not let go of that teddy bear the entire time we were there!   We were sent over to the urgent care center which is right next door to the E.R to wait for our results.  When they called our name, Bella started crying as we walked back into the room saying “I don’t want him to touch me”… I told her that if he touched her, that her daddy would kick his butt!  Probably not something I should be teaching my kid but hey, it made her happy!   Doc let her listen to her own heart beat, she loved that!  He also gave her some sweet princess stickers!  She was spoiled rotten by everyone & soaked it all up!   So basically, it ended up being a real bad urinary tract infection!  Thankfully it was caught now because it could’ve led to her kidneys!   They gave us some stronger medicine than she took the last time & sent us on our way!  We got home around 10pm, my baby was so pooped!  She passed out the second we gave her the meds!  I hope I never have to go through that again!!!!

Here are some sad pics from our long, miserable day!



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