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is my best friend!  I love her more than words can express! And I am so lucky to call her my daughter! ❤


The other day, James’ bike broke down… so Bella and I drove over to where his bike was down and when we got there, I rolled the window down and asked him if he needed me to get anything from the house for him so he could fix it… like a phillips or anything?  Bella heard me say phillips and she said “mommy, why does daddy need pull-ups?”.  It was too funny, I told her that daddy needed a phillips screwdriver… not pull-ups.  Well, we ended up going home and right before we pulled into the drive way, James calls me and I answered the phone on speakerphone and he said he fixed his bike!  Bella heard him say it and when we hung up, she said “daddy fixed his bike with his pull-ups mom?”.  AHHHHHH, I JUST LOVE HER! 🙂 

So, here is a picture of Daddy & Bella… fixing their bikes, with their “pull-ups”… I mean, phillips! 😉

I seriously can not believe how fast time is flying by!  I am 27 weeks today!!  I will be in my third trimester next week!! That is just insane to think about!  I feel like I just found out I was pregnant with our little Ryder Patrick and now we are only 13 weeks away from meeting him!!

I haven’t been getting sick lately which is awesome!  Besides the heart burn every once in awhile which is cured by the wonderful cherry flavored, chewy rolaids! 🙂  My only complaint lately is my hips… oh boy, DO THEY EVER HURRRT!   It’s usually towards the end of the day when I am waddling already and walking like I am 80 years old because they hurt too bad to stand up straight!  Ohhh and BRAXTON HICKS! Blah! They SUCKK! I get them so much during the day, even when I am just sitting on my butt doing NOTHING!  Ryder also likes to dig into my ribcage… it makes sitting down pretty darn uncomfortable!!  I can’t believe how active he is… I have a feeling I am going to have my hands full with this little guy! 🙂

This week marks him at 2lbs now! 🙂  It’s so exciting to know that just in 3 months, we will be a family of 4!  Bella is so excited.  Not a day goes by where she asks what her baby brother is doing… it’s so cute!  Anytime I put my hand on my belly she asks “is my baby bruder moving?”.   The other day, we were standing in line at Safeway and there was a little girl behind us with her mom, she was probably 5 or 6.  Bella and the little girl kept staring at eachother and right before it was our turn to cash out, Bella looks at the little girl and puts both her hands on my belly, almost like she was showing off my belly! I thought it was sooo cute!   She’s going to be an excellent big sister & such a big help to me! I can’t wait!!!

We have decided that his nursery will be done in trains!  My dad has worked at the rail road since he was 17 years old so I kinda wanted to do it for my dad, since this is his first grandson 🙂 It’s a pretty big deal to him!  I can’t wait to start decorating.  I have soo many ideas!  I am going to do my maternity pictures at a train track & put some of the prints on his wall… and I also have some pretty rad pictures I have done of some trains & tracks so I will put those in black & white and also put those on his wall!  I think we might put his name on the wall in a graffiti kind of lettering too!  I don’t want the traditional “train nursery”.  I don’t want it to be super colorful… I just want reds, black & a tan/khaki color, I think.  I guess I better get started! I’m such a SLACKERRRR! haha!

I just recently pulled out my cd’s of pictures from when I was pregnant with Bella.  It’s fun to compare week by week how big I was with her vs. now.  I look pretty close to the same size, I think.

This is me with Bella at 27 weeks in the pink pajama pants.  And then last two pics are of me at 26 weeks now (B&W pic) and at 27 Weeks now:



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  • littleelle: you're so gorgeous! what a perfect little belly. and the train idea for a nursery is SO cute. i can't wait to see pictures!
  • Kristi Maristi: That's how I feel with Milo. He is such my buddy, and i know we haven't even entered the truly fun stage yet. I Love when you blog Linds. You absolute
  • Kristi Maristi: I Love the train idea Linds. I think the Rickster will love it. Yes, I totally just called your pop's the Rickster. Love you. Miss you. Are you still