Our Crazy Life

Well, I haven’t updated this blog in FOR-EV-ERRR! 

 I’m having another baby! 🙂 Bella is going to be a sister!  His name is Ryder Patrick – which makes his initials RPM… how fitting for a little boy huh!?  I love it!  

This week marks me 21 weeks pregnant and I am loving it.  He is sooo active now, I literally feel like he is doing flips and it’s such an awesome feeling.  I didn’t feel Bella like this until 27 weeks so this is a bit earlier than I had expected.  Every morning Bella puts her head on my belly and snuggles me while she is still trying to wake up… and Ryder moves like crazy. It’s so cute watching Bella react to him kicking her in the head lol.. and she always greets me in the morning by saying “Hi mommy, Hi Ryder”… ahh! It melts my heart!

This pregnancy has been EXTREMELY different than my pregnancy with Bella… I never got sick with Bella and with this one, any little thing can trigger me to barf. Mainly if I cough too hard or when I am brushing my teeth and gag, yep… that sets it off.  I get heart burn practically every night… I never go to bed without a water bottle & my bottle of tums next to the bed.  And my bladder? Holy weakness it’s like the size of a peanut!  I have been waking up about 2 times a night since I was 13 weeks… it’s insane!  That rarely happened to me with Bella until about the very last couple of weeks but I literally feel like I go pee on the hour!  I do drink a crazy amount of water because I constantly feel dehydrated so I guess that’s why! lol 🙂  Headaches are crazy, like one minute I can feel a little pressure and then all of a sudden it’s in my eyes and I just want to lay down.  It really sucks when I have them bad because I will be laying down and I go to stand up & get uber dizzy… blah!  Allergies suck too!  Every morning I wake up feeling like I have a head cold.   But, my cervix is still holding  strong!!  I am praying that it continues to stay strong and no bed rest will be needed.  I got put on bed rest at 24 weeks with Bella and was told that I had an “incompetant cervix”… but, my doc says that every pregnancy is different so, fingers crossed he is right and this little guy will be carried full term like his sister but, without strict bed rest! 🙂

I have only gained about 4lbs but my belly is growing so fast!! My biggest cravings are green grapes, apples, orange juice & rainbow sherbert! Oh, and I could eat mexican food everyday if I had no self control… pretty much the same cravings I had with Bella except I didn’t want apples or orange juice quite as much.  I literally eat an apple a day!  Sometimes two 🙂 

I will end this post with a few belly pictures… til next time!


So yesterday, the weather was beautiful!  So, we decided to go to Fairy Tale Town… Bella LOVED IT.  The entire way there she said “We’re going to faiwy tale town mama?”  And I would reply… “yes, Bella, we are” and then 2 minutes later… she would said “We’re going to faiwy tale town mama?” and well… you get the hint, she did this the whole 20 minute drive there.  Fun stuff.   But, my reason for this post… absolute cuteness right here.  Are you ready for this?  We’re driving, listening to music… talkin… and all of a sudden Bella says “Look mama, the sun is working again!!”.  And then James asked what she said,  I repeated it… and then she said “its not broken!”.  How STINKIN cute is that?   I just had to share! 🙂  I love the way she thinks!  Here are a few pics from our fun day!

Yeah, that’s pretty freaking crazy to even think about… my child is almost three!  That is just mind boggling to even think she isn’t a baby anymore… even though I will ALWAYS call her my baby! haha… yep, I’m one of THOSE moms!!  I have to admit, even though this age is tough… I absolutely LOVE knowing exactly what she wants, at all times…. no more mumbling things, pretending she knows what she is saying… it’s legit, she KNOWS what she is saying!    We have soo many special moments we share together since we are with eachother all day, every day!  But, my most FAVORITE part of the entire day is when we wake up and she spends the first hour of our morning, snuggling me!   And sometimes, I can get her to fall back asleep!  This kid LOOOOVES sleep… she is SO my child!   We go about our day with hardly any routine, if we wake up late… she doesn’t get a nap and goes to bed early… if she wakes up early, she takes a 2-3 hour nap & then hangs out with us until we decide it’s time for bed.    And, please feel free to judge because I don’t care 🙂  

I am SO excited that spring is almost here, finally!  Bella’s new favorite thing to do is hunt for lady bugs… and let me tell ya, the girl is GOOD!  She can spot one in seconds!  Her bug catcher is full of probably about 30-40 lady bugs… no joke.  And call me a murderer but, I’ve tried to set them free at night… I put the little bug house outside & open their cage… and then go check on them in the morning and they are still there!!  I’m like… HELLOOO… LEAVE WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!  It’s probably because I have made their house so cool with little dandelions & roses… they are in heaven, and they are beating the rain!  Haha.  So tomorrow, I will probably let some free since it’s suppose to be a nice day, Bella won’t have a clue! haha 🙂

Anyway… I am going to wrap it up with some of my favorite things that Bella does or says! 

*Singing… oh my, the kid has some vocals!  She knows just about every nursery rhyme & lullaby you can think of.  I swear, I teach her it once & she just remembers it… and even if she doesn’t know the words… she sure has the tune right!  My FAVORITE is twinkle twinkle! 🙂

*When I give her any kind of goody… fruit snacks, capri sun,grapes etc… she always let’s me have the first bite or drink!  Isn’t that awesome?  My kid totally shares with no hesitation!  Yeah, I’m proud!

*She has NO PROBLEM sharing toys!  In fact, kids punk her for toys & she just lets them have them!  I don’t want to teach her to be mean and take them back but, maybe I should teach her to tell them “I am playing with that right now”.  I feel awful when I see her playing with something & someone takes it away & she just moves on to the next toy!   Crazy because this is a kid that hasn’t been in child care for the past year… that would be another pat on my back if you didn’t catch on! 😉

*When she is struggling with something, in example: putting a puzzle together or trying to get her bike out of the play room but, having issues with getting it through those darn doors… I will ask her if she wants me to help her and she replies with “no, I do it myself!” Miss. Independent!

*Bella has NEVER had a issue being in the car seat… which, I absolutely love!  We can be out & about all day and when it’s time to get back in the car, she climbs right in & let’s me buckle her up without an issue!  Sometimes she even falls asleep! Maybe it’s the cool “Little People” cd I play on repeat!! Yeah, annoying but… I love hearing her sing, remember? 😉

*She LOVES her picture taken!  This is a HUGE deal because let’s face it, how many kids her age like to have pictures taken of them every day of their life?  I’ve cut back quite a bit & don’t neccessarily take a picture every day but when I do whip out the camera… she has no problem saying “cheese mama”

*Her manners are just AMAZING… please, thank you, sorry, no thank you, bless you… yeah, just pure awesomeness!  But, her newest thing is telling me she is sorry when I say “owe”… I always have to tell her that she doesn’t have to say sorry if she didn’t do anything wrong.  I don’t think she quite understands that part yet.

*I looooooove how she snuggles her daddy every evening before bed.  He lays on the couch while we watch our dvr’d shows & she gets on top of him & lays her head on his chest… and he proceeds to rub her back which in fact, makes her extremely spoiled and expects her back rubbed everytime she lays with me now too!  Negatory! 😉

*She chooses water over juice!!  What child doesn’t want some ice cold apple juice in the mornings?  That is, if they refuse to drink milk like my kid… yeah… well Bella would rather have WATER!  What? I know!  But, it makes this mama very happy…

*Out of nowhere… she will come visit me in the living room from being in her play room, and come give me a kiss & tell me she loves me!  Sometimes I will even get an eskimo or butterfly kiss also! 🙂 So sweet!  It just melts my mama heart like nothing else!!!

And I suppose I could go on all day about how rad in fact my BABY is… but, I won’t.  🙂 I will end this post with  a few pictures of my BABY!  Love to all!

Yaaaaaaaa!  We are officially in POTTY TRAINING MOOOODE for the 2nd time with little miss thang!  She was doing pretty well with potty training the first time around but we weren’t very consistent, in the mornings she would go with me, during the day sometimes and before bath time.  Well, then she got a really bad urinary tract infection a month ago and had to go to the hospital and that ended up being all kinds of bad!  It was a traumatic experience to say the least, for her & I.  She was DEATHLY afraid of the hospital’s toilet because hello,  that toilet is HUGE! Not to mention she had a fever of 104 and hospital bathrooms are FAH-REEEZING! If I was thinking like a smart mama and not a freak in a huge panic before we left for the hospital, I would have brought her potty insert so she felt more comfortable to pee in the cup!  But, I did not… so therefore, sitting her on the potty did NOT go well, at all and they ended up having to do the cathiter!  😦 BOO! Anyway, that lead to the traumatic experience part and refusing to get anywhere near a toilet!  So we stopped potty training completely and decided maybe she needed some time to get over all of that!

 Sooo, a month went by and we decided to try a second approach with it!  We went to walmart and bought a little frog toilet, I let her pick it out and thankfully it was the cheapest one there! (That’s my girl!)  I wanted the coolest looking one that she may actually WANT to sit on.  And sure enough, the second we got home, we took it in the bathroom and she sat on it in no time!!  Not only did she just sit on it but she had a little tinkle too!!! SUCCESS!!  So, the next day was Saturday (last weekend) and I decided that we are just going to throw some panties on her, put the potty chair in the living room (gross, I know but… don’t judge!) and let her have at it!  If she had an accident, I knew she wouldn’t like the way pee panties felt so maybe she would stop!  Well, she had a few accidents on Saturday but for most of the day, she ran to the potty chair each time she had to go sooo… we are doing something right!  

It is now Wednesday and boy is it a lot of work!  She is a smart little cookie so I know this will be over in no time, however… my biggest issue is PUBLIC.  I can barely stand to use a public restroom, let alone have my baby sit on a public toilet (EWWWWW)… and also, I am not sure how she is going to react sitting on a huge toilet (hence the hospital scenario).  But, I suppose we will see tomorrow because it will be the first day I will be out & about this week so, wish us luck! 

With that said, I will close the post with a few pics and a video!!

And click this link to watch Bella do the Potty Dance 🙂


I almost have a 2 and a HALF year old!!  Where has the time gone?  Seriously!  I feel like it was just yesterday when she was just learning to roll over, and saying “mamamamamama” repeatedly & then taking her first steps!  And now just she just walked into the room and said “how are you mommy?”.  Are you serious?  My kid is saying sentences!!!  Oh, and she has also started saying “I wannnnt thaaaat” when she sees those silly toy commercials. Ahh!  This just baffles me.  I can’t believe how fast time has flew… I remember everyone telling me it would but, I had NO idea it would be like this.  She is growing so fast and it makes me so sad.  But, I LOVE IT!  I can actually have a conversation with her now and I know when something is wrong & when she wants something… she makes that VERY clear! haha! Conversation from this morning:

Bella:  I’m hungaaaarrrrrrry (no spelling error, that’s how she says it)

Mommy: You never eat this early but ok… what do you wanna eat?

Bella: Ummmm

Mommy: Waffles? Cereal? Oatmeal?

Bella: Waffles, banana & apple juice

Mommy: How do you ask?


And the conversation ended by her giving me eskimo kisses…. ahhh!  It just makes my heart all warm & fuzzy.  I love being a mom.  I don’t even remember what life was like before her, she is my WORLD! 

I woke up this morning feeling like I was in the Wizard of Oz… with all the gusts of wind!  It was crazy!  I loved seeing Bella’s reaction on her face when she went in her play room & looked out the window!!!  I taught her the song, “rain, rain… go away” and she sang it pretty much the entire afternoon!  It was super cute, and yes… I got video!

Kari came over with the boys and we hung out inside so we could some what enjoy our day, despite the nasty weather.  Bella & Lucas did their usual love-hate relationship but I think they had a fun time.  We ate grapes, made lunch and chatted.  I also took a few pictures of Brody since he is 6 weeks now!  He is growing up too quick and I love that I get to see him at least once a week.  I didn’t get to watch Lucas grow like that because I was on bed rest, hella pregnant and then I had Bella so I was a super busy, new mommy! 🙂  Anywaaay… it was a good time!

After Kari left, I attempted to lay Bella down for a nap but she wasn’t having it… she just laid in bed, looked at books & sang “rain, rain.. go away”.  It was pretty cute to say the least!  So, after about an hour of her just chillin, in hopes that she would fall asleep… I got her up, let her have a snack & we painted our toes!  Well, I painted our toes! lol.  She thinks it is the best thing ever which totally makes my day!  She loves to be “twins” with mommy so I did both of our toes hot pink with white polka dots on our big toes only.  Super cuuuute!  When James got home she said “look daddy, mommy did them”.  Ahhh, I love being able to understand her words so much more clearer now.  It makes us have fun conversations, kinda!

So, throughout the day, she was telling me her “mouf herts”… but, to be honest, I didn’t really pay much attention to her saying it because she is such a drama queen with everything.  Now I feel horrible because I finally looked tonight before I put her to bed and all be damned… her mollars are finally cutting through!  My poor little baby!!!  I feel so bad ignoring her… she kept saying her mouth hurts and I should have looked sooner!  So, with a little bit of motrin and those good ol’ hylands teething tablets… I was able to get her to bed and asleep within 5 minutes!  She is such a good girl!  ❤  Wow… now my hand is cramping so, that is all… I will end with a few pictures of the day.


So, my biggest fear with being a stay at home mom was the fact that Bella would not know how to interact with kids when she goes to preschool.  I told myself that I have to do playdates at least once a week so she can learn to play and share with kids her age.  Well, this has been a success since the start of summer!  One of my really good friends has a son a couple months older than Bella, and she also has the luxary of staying at home with him.  So, we were meeting up at least once or twice a week to let the kids play.   This has been great!  Now, we have an official “play group” we meet with every Thursday at a awesome toddler park in Roseville.  I went to high school with a lot of the girls and they all have kids around Bella’s age.  The ages vary from 1 month to 3 years.  There is about 5 or 6 of us moms and about 8 or 9 kids.  It is so much fun and this is honestly the highlight of our week.  Bella gets to play with her friends & I get to chat it up with some great girls about what our kids are doing, what we have been up to, etc. 🙂 

This week, Big Spoon is doing story time and giving kids free frozen yogurt.  So, after our park play date, we will be headed to Big Spoon.  I am really excited about that because Bella loves fro yo & books.  And… it is FREE!  Hollar! 

I am really hoping our play group can expand and more mommies will join!  The more, the merrier of course! And when the weather starts getting yucky… we talked about doing a free music class for the kids that the library offers.   =) 

So exciting to be a stay at home mommy with my little girl. 


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